Sunday, May 14, 2006

Band Of The Year 2nd Semi Final

The Band of the Year second semi final featured live on stage Kulak, sleeker more refined, more precise, more confident and definitely looking like they've got a future. Rigollo. What can I say? These guys crack me up, they had the audience laughing. I think they've found a niche in the market as a comedy rock band. Brilliant.
I was beginning to feel sorry for "Fallings not Failing" when they announced they'd lost their bass guitarist and decided to play on despite that. Sorry? What was I thinking? These guys didn't need sympathy, they didn't even need their bass guitarist. They rock. Full of enthusiasm and power, delivering a massive wall of sound despite there being only three of them. Their bass guitarist might have fallen by the wayside but they themselves were not failing.
The winner was Kulak. Inside sources tell me they were rehearsing like mad for this semi final and now they're in the grand final I don't suppose they are going to let up either. This is not a time for complacency. These guys are serious. Unity favourites and the band until now hotly tipped to win "Point of Origin", had better watch their backs, because in Kulak they have some serious competition. The grand final is not going to be a walk in the park. Whoever wins this will have to be seriously good, judging by te stanbdards we are seeing here.

Band Of The Year Heat 9 was won by Irene Rae. The other two bands neglected to turn up. So the lovely Irene Rae goes on to the next semi final.

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