Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday 21st June 2007

Finally we persuade Chopper to do a solo set of his own material. And what material it is. Virtuoso finger picking accompanying some great songs often humerous and the whole set interspersed with Choppers impersonation of a sicilian mafia Don il capo di capos. He's the Man. You may recognise these next guys as "Rigollo". They played at our band of 2007 competition earlier in the year but they've been reborn, harder faster moodier and better and now called The Galaxy.
How can you put these guys down? The awesome Revenue who many think should have won Band of 2007 but fate snatched victory from their grasp and gave it to the Brackets. But in many eyes there was nothing in it. Either band was worthy of being the winner. For shear energy and enthusiasm alone they would have certainly won.
Meanwhile across the Road and down Geneva Street In Faith, those guys from The Glass Onion are at it again. Here they are again showing just how caring and compassionate they can be. This time they've organised through a group called lava Lamp a fun DJ dance night for people with learning disabilities. Well they may have learning disabilities but just like the rest of us they know how to have a good time. As always The Glass Onion is struggling for funding for events like this. So if you have the ear of someone who can say yes, bend it now. Tell them that to continue doing all this very valuable work that is a BENEFIT to the community they need the money. GIVE THEM THE MONEY!!! I feel like Bob Geldoff now "Give us your money". No don't give it to me give it to those people who very modestly and anonymously call themselves "The Volounteers". They don't get paid. Most of them don't even have jobs, but they give up their time to help the community. They do it because they care. And people criticise the younger generation? Per-leeeese. Have a look at what they achieve and be amazed. I was honoured to be asked to take the photographs for this event. Here's a few...

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