Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday 28th June 2007

Only two acts on tonight. First in our regular acoustic slot Graham who some of you wil remember was a key member of Opaque in another incarnation. Here he is again gone solo and getting better with each gig. Our headline band tonight from Cambridge GODFATHER. We'e having a Mario Puzo moment here. They tell me their name was conjured up not to say they had any mafia affiliations but to reflect their no nonsense, focussed dedication and get the job done attitude to music. They certainly get the job done with their unique blend of 70s funk and rap with a tincy bit of disco thrown in for good humour. Actually if you listen to the words there's a load more humour in there as well. Any way they're in the middle of recording their new long player and hope it's gonna be out towards the end of summer so watch out for it. It's gonna be brill. We know that because we got to hear, live, a load of tracks from the new CD. How lucky are we? So here's the pics...
Next week at Unity we have the on stage for your entertainment folk rock wizzos INTWINED doing an acoustic set plus new alternative country (they hate that "We are NOT a country band") rock band Midwezt featuring the lovely Charlie on lead vocals and the legend that is Mick Davison on geeetar. Midwezt have just recently won a place to play at the beer festival this year. They beat Intwined by just one point.But despite that the two bands are best mates. Oh and did you catch INTWINED on the Steve Titman show the other Thursday? (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire thursday 6- 7pm) Brilliant.

The on the 12th July we have a massive line up of talent new boys Alpha Red, well worth a listen, The Brackets up and coming indie rock band and finally Angry Man who's reputation is akin to cult status. People whisper in hushed tones claiming to know them personally or have met someone who once saw them play live. If ever there was a band that deserved a cult following it's this band. if you haven't caught them before now, here is your chance and there hasn't been that many chances recently. I was honoured to be present during the photoshoot where this next pic was taken. No amps no effects just Steve and Scot playing acoustically, it was a moving experience.
Rock on dudes

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