Monday, July 24, 2006

Muddy Promotions Cancer Leo Party

Things keep on happening. This time we have the first of the Muddy Promotions Zodiac Parties. Moony tells me it's going to be a monthly event. Someone asked me "is this Unity or is it Muddy promotions?" Hmmmm I can see why there's confusion. Muddy promotions, Unity, Playskool and Pixyskin overlap quite considerably. So it's only natural that we here at Unity promote Muddy and vice versa. We're all batting on the same team. IN view of the fact that this event was to celebrate peoples birthdays I've concentrated on the people rather than the acts this time. After all it's your birthday we're celebrating. So here you are, those with birthdays and those with unbirthdays. Here's some more of you having a great time.
OK some of the bands who came to entertain you. First row: Columbian Necktie. Second Row: Irene Rae. Third Row: Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. I got there late (ish) so you've missed out on pics of Circus, Elgin, Julian Stone, but see if you can spot them in the crowd montages having fun. Tallulah Rendall and her new band. Believe it or not they only had one rehearsal and this was their first gig together. Awesome. Here's pics of Carrie Tree. Although if you look carefully she's featured already in the papparrazzi montages. Beautiful girl, beautiful playing, beautiful voice. Just after she'd played a song that I could barely hear above the hurricane, that was the industrial fan I'd sensibly positioned myself next to, she said "..and that was one of my louder songs..." Next time I'll stand next to the speakers.

You know I haven't really paid a lot of attention to the DJs. I haven't given them the credit they deserve. I confess I thought they just stuck on a cd played it then stuck on another. But recently I've been impressed by their knowledge of music and their great taste. It's been a steep learning curve for me. The likes of Simon and Dom (OK Skin and DJ URb) have turned me on to all sorts of music I've never considered before. So get yourselves down to the Bar Lisboa and get some music into your souls.

Now here's an opportunity for you guys to get involved. In August 90% of the Unity and Muddy team are off on their UK tour leaving approximately just me to run things. Unity will carry on but it would be a great help if we could have a few volounteers to help keep things going. Get in contact with Richard or Shaggy if you're interested. See contact links top right.

Ok we're republishing all the pictures so maybe this time you can see them.
That's it for now.

Peace Love and Unity

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