Friday, June 30, 2006

Grass Roots Festival Day 2

...and so we get to day 2 of The Grass Roots Festival and everything is going very smoothly. Opening proceedings on day 2 were "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance.Meanwhile kicking off in the acoustic tent Kate Wreyford. Actually when I say kicking off I don't mean Kate went on a bender and started a fight or anything, more like kicking off at a football match except she wasn't playing football. any hoo... here's Kate.
Now if there's anyone destined to become a rock star playing big stadiums it's Jimmy Kidnap. He's got the attitude , the poses and the pair of socks down the front of his jeans, allegedly. here he is fronting the fabulous Point Seven Pistol.
Yeah yeah yeah don't worry I haven't forgotten the workers er audience, here are you lovely people enjoying yourselves. BTW that security guard and his dog top left weren't as mean looking as they seem. I had them pose like that. I had to bribe the dog with scooby snacks to stop it wagging it's tail and licking everyone. Meanwhile on the QT Lisa begged me not to tell you she was reading "Nuts" magazine so I'll say nothing. And in the centre you'll see the lovely Clare without and i. It's her birthday Today (Saturday 1st July). So happy birthday Clare.
Is this Radicus?
Oh hello! It's Palava. Those nices dudes from Folk Wit Records. That's Gaff on the right with the hat. He's a kindred spirit to me, I wonder why?
You know if you want your rock intense and fast, look no further than these guys. This is "Sidearm". I love their party piece of changing over drummers without dropping a beat. Except the lead guitarist young Mitchell lost his sound and they had to go into a holding pattern while he fixed it, which sort of spoilt the effect. But I can assure you when it goes right it's brilliant.
If there was a prize for the festivals best facial hair, then it would have gone to our good friend Julian Stone. Here he is ripping it up in the acoustic tent.
We were really impressed by this band. Sever the Wicked. It was the first time we'd ever seen them and I almost didn't make it back to the acoustic tent to continue my photographic odyssey. It was one of the few times so far that I wasn't chasing from stage to stage with my camera. Fantastic.

I got back to the acoustic tent and the running order had all gone to pot. I don't mean "to pot" as in marijuana pot, but I guess it's as good an excuse as any, but certain acts booked failed to show so here's a few artists who filled in. That'll be Richard and Cornelius for starters then. This is what we've been waiting for, Circus featuring the talented Ali on Violin and the Evil one standing in on bass guitar.
Silverspace. The sounds this guy gets out of his guitar is incredible although I put it down to a million pounds worth of electronic wizardry at his finger tips and feet as well as his awesome ability.

Hooray! it's Tallulah Rendall. Anyone who has met her will agree she's fabulous. If you didn't get a chance to meet her then you are ever so lucky because she's coming back to playPixy Skin very soon.

Opaque on stage with The Evil One guesting on bass guitar.
Here's The Evil One again, this time in the acoustic tent, so far he's played on stage four times that I know of at this festival alone. Solo fill in set saturday afternoon, with Circus, with Opaque and now playing his allotted slot. Oh he did a very nice version of Tallulah. Sorry I meant Hallelujah. Anyway James Chadwick ladies and gentlemen. Just don't look into his eyes.
This is Tunguska Butterfly, arguably the weirdest named band at the festival so far, but having an odd name doesn't mean they're not brilliant.

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