Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Richards Solstice night

I know it's summer and I know the world cup is on, but you guys are missing some seriously laid back sounds on a Sunday. Richards Acoustic night at the Solstice. What made it for me was Chopper (AKA Gav) playing stuff I'd never heard before, then Vince playing acoustically selections from his Circus set, and finally Moony playing Opaque solo. It was like an intimate concert just for us. I felt priveliged. Even Shaggy blew us away with a single Jazz piece which had me so enthralled I forgot to take pictures. In fact it was so laid back Vince had to take some of the photos on this montage. OK he didn't HAVE to but he wanted to. So yay to Vince.

I humbly note "The Evil One" has finally admitted to his devilishness. Don't take my word for it, check out the shout box. His own words. Just don't look him in the eye. He'll suck any talent right out of you, making it his own, and leave you an empty husk. I know this from personal experience. Since meeting "The Evil One" I have given up playing professionally. I can't do it anymore. Don't let this fate happen to you. Avert your eyes. Luckily we're past Walpurgis Nacht. But there's all hallows eve to come. If you take the letters of his name convert them to Runic, take away every other letter and add the first number you thought off, convert it back to ancient Hebrew, and put it through an Enigma machine you will get the message "You will die". Conclusive proof I think. So don't let his boyish good looks and charm fool you. Ever wondered why his hair is so long? That's right. To hide the 666 birthmark in his scalp.

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