Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Muddy Festival News

Greetings Festival people!

Preparations are in earnest for the first Grassroots Festival!!

Some important bits of info first though:

If you have purchased your tickets but have not been given the actual ticket or membership card yet, they are at the Glass Onion, 2 Burghley Road, awaiting your collection. If they are not picked up by Thursday they will be taken to site where you will be able to pick them up at the entrance to the festy, though this could make the entrance process a little more lengthy so please pick them up if you can.

If you have not got your ticket yet the time is now, the last minute panic buy has already set in and they are selling like hot cakes! There may be some left on the door but there won't be many and they will cost you £10 more. You can buy them via Paypal from www.muddypromotions.org.uk or from the Glass Onion. The last day for advance ticket sales will be Thursday.

If you are a ticket holder you can come to site any time from tonight onwards - though if you are arriving before Friday please be prepared to lend a hand with getting the site all ready for the big party.

See you there bredrens!

Peace love unity and respect!

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