Monday, June 12, 2006

Pixie Skin

Blazing hot. Hot enough to poach eggs, which brings a few vivid images to mind. Fresh from his appearence at the recent Jim Moray lookalike competition here's Trevor Lloyd. aha not only does he keep coming back for more but he has the audacity to get better each time we see him, his guitar playing is improving all the time. Here's one of Unitys favourites Tom O'Brien
Yes we do believe he was really a monk. No one can make up such a stupid story so it's got to be true... here he is his serene monkness The Singing Monk
What can I say? Circus. Interesting in that Nick decided to do an Elvis and leave the building. Thus prompting an emergency call from Vince to the Evil one to take over bass guitar duties. Amidst chants of "The Evil One", James Chadwick rose and bending space and time before him cut through the crowd of unworthy acolytes toward the stage. A withering look putting paid to anyone who dared stand in his way. It's like the medusa anyone who has actually witnessed the evil stare has died instantly and doesn't live to tell the tale. So the Evil one played note perfect, you wouldn't expect anything less, you wouldn't dare expect anything less.
So here's the papparazzi pics of all you lovely people, featuring top left your very own hostesse for the night Melody.
Here we are with Point of Origin and their star keyboard player, Piper, who has just won a major role in a new advertising campaign for "Mr Muscle". Don't mess with this guy he has a black belt in Origami. Point of Origin have a few gigs coming up not least is their appearence next Saturday at the Band of the Year final at the new location of "The Verve" the night before at the new upstairs venue of the Solstice "Radius". Be there or be somewhere else.
Oh My! 100th Monkey. Folk rock and stuff from Glastonbury. Hmmm not sure about that. They may have played Glastonbury but Mick the mandolin player is definitely from Peterborough. I've known him years and he's never mentioned that he came from Glastonbury.
OK that's it. Don't stay naked in the sun too long. You'll burn your bits
Rock on dudes

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