Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Grass Roots Fest Day 1

Here's some more pictures from The Grass Roots Festival. Day 1 Friday evening. Having the honour of kicking off the Festival were John Doe.Meanwhile down in the acoustic tent Sam Kirk kicks off the quiet part of the festivities.
Followed swiftly by the incredible Andy Whittle.
Looking mean and moody, Godfather commanded the stage.
Then sprinting back down to the acoustic tent where my good friend Irene Rae took the stage.
Oh my God! It's those Los Guys again on the main stage.
Wow! Mohair! Good or what?
Finally some more of you lovely lovely people. So many times during the weekend people said to me that everyone was so friendly. Well that's because you're all such nice people. We all have a common cause. That is to have a good time and celebrate the music. Are you in the montage below? If not you could well be in the montages to come. 1500 photos and 500 present. You've got to be in there somewhere.

Keep checking in more photos will be posted every day (with luck)

We are rapidly heading towards the 10,000th hit on this site. Would the person who notices they are the 10,00th visitor make themselves known in the shout box. There's no prize just glory. I would guess it's going to be sometime Friday or Saturday at this rate. Over 150 hits a day.

meanwhile keep on rocking mes enfants Mike Da Hat

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