Friday, June 02, 2006

Thursday 1st June 2006

Tonight we had the Jam around the sofas, making it look like people were playing in my front room, without the anti-macassars and a tray full of Jap fancies and a pot of tea. First upon stage was Cornelius from London. Cornelius is exactly the same age as me so you can keep on guessing. The only other Cornelius I've ever known was that character in "Planet of the apes" but this guy is way cooler than him. He didn't play guitar or sing as I recall but then he was an ape. But the human version, the non fiction Cornelius, sang political songs with more than a dash of humour. I can't wait for the festival to hear him again. We're best mates already, although he doesn't know that yet.
The Super Penetraitors, brilliant the last time they played Unity, this time they struggled with tuning and the loss of their original bass player. The replacement bassist, who shows a lot of promise, played his first live gig with them. They'll soon get back on form with their tongue in cheek heavy metal set. Check out the drum kit, straight out of the Anne Summers catalogue. Impressive or what? I loved the intro. Very original.
Opaque this time with James "Evil" Chadwick on bass guitar, I bet he only had one rehearsal and was perfect. Some of you may be beginning to think I have a vendetta against James "Evil" Chadwick. You'll be right. It's sickening how he shows us all up with his supernatural talent. The rest of us have to work hard at it and in my case, even very hard work and practice doesn't get me anywhere. I'm still crap. Moony, as ever, just glides through the performance, with his theatrical style. Does anyone know where that crossroads is? I need to sell my soul and catch up with everyone. Or maybe I should just know my place and stick to taking photographs.
Yeah Yeah Yeah forget the band photographs you want to see yourselves. And here you all are.Well some of you. OK a lot of you.
Don't forget if you haven't got your ticket for the Muddy Festival you'd better be quick. Moony tells me they are selling faster and faster.It's going to be a sellout. So you'd better get yourself down to the Glass Onion pronto if you want to share the experience. Tickets are £20 plus £5 membership of the muddy organisation. So that's just £25 to be part of history and a great weekend. You have been warned. IT WILL BE A SELL OUT. You can promise all you like that you're going to go. Can we reserve you a ticket? But right now it's down to the wire. It really is a case of divvy up or don't go. WE have more people saying they want to come than tickets so from now on it's first come first served.
I should also warn you that the numbers are STRICTLY limited. There will be no sneaking in without a ticket. Our first festival will be observed very closely and our organisation judged accordingly. If we fuck up there wont be another. That's why we have to be strict. Moony will be more than happy to relieve anyone of their money. Christ on a bike! He even, with a smile on his face, took £50 quid off me and I'm the photographer. It's the first time I've ever paid for the privelige of working.

Rock on dudes (see you at the Muddy Festival)

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