Sunday, June 18, 2006

Band Of The Year Final

We finally get to the end of the Band of the Year competition and we're gutted. yes friends we're gutted. Kulak who were hotly tipped (in some circles) to win, pulled out at the last minute due to their lead singer moving to Northampton on the very day of the finals. But fear not a great final was held. First up on stage my very good friend Irene Rae. OK she isn't a band but a solo artist. But didn't she just proved she deserved a place in the final by her performance? And where did that last high note come from? The vocal talents of this girl are amazing. Not to mention her song writing talent and her ability to hold a crowd spellbound. I can only say that if she had a band behind her she could hit the mainstream and be very successful.
Next on stage were Buckle St (That's Buckle Street, it's a place in Peterborough) If points could have been awarded for being such great guys then they would have had 10's all the way. I myself feel priveliged that I am doing a photoshoot for them, sometime soon. It's going to be great fun. Because this is what these guys are.. great fun. Great music, great attitude. Two brilliant front men and an equally brilliant drummer.
Unfortunately Buckle St were up against these guys. "Point Of Origin". Their unique blend of Funk, Reggae and Rap continues to captivate audiences. Can't you just see the enthusiasm each member has for what they are doing? It's special. So the winners were Point Of Origin. Special thanks to Ian of the Fidds for organising the event. To Ian Carey who provided the sound and the lights throughout the competition. To all of the bands who turned up and competed. I saw every one. Some where unlucky to have been billed against top opposition and could have got further. They might not have won but they could easily have got to the finals. Thanks to all the sponsors The Evening Telegraph, Tamarik drums, the live music centre. and many more.
Not least thanks to me. I try very hard to hide my modesty.

But in retrospect who were memorable? First Aid Boy, Rigollo, Switch Theory. Maybe if I thought about it more I'd remember all the other great acts. But these were the three that stick in my mind as contenders.

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