Friday, June 30, 2006

Unity 29th June 2006

So after a hectic weekend with the muddy festival, no one seemed to be up for anything raucus, we just wanted to chill, so it seemed kind of perfect tonight to have Heather McVey play for us. Serendipidy. That's your word for the week. It just panned out very nicely. The usual Unity Jam was very laid back and fluid this week with half of Point Of Origin on stage, including for a brief spell moi meme. But really the night belonged to Heather McVey, such a great vocal talent and equally good on guitar, ably supported by Claire on Bass, and Stacey on congas, playing a very understated but appropriate back line. There were threats to his life if he fucked it up. Allegedly. We were so impressed we have invited Heather back to play for us again at the Muddy Equinox party here at The Bar Lisboa on the 23rd of September. She may have a full band by then. More details on that closer to the event.
Meanwhile here's the papparazzi pics you've all been waiting for.
Oh yes we have Lisa looking sultry, Simon, Ben and Claire, then Andy who is a DJ, hmmm we might be able to use his talent on the 23rd, next row Heather who felt she was amongst friends already, Jodie who plays bass guitar as well as Sax and flute, Lisa being demonic, bottom row, James, what can I say? Has this guy improved over the last six months or what? From being a nervous wreck at his first Unity gig last year to now when he's first up on stage and playing the hell out of a guitar, big respect, finally bottom right, all we are missing is Maharishi Yogi. How laid back have we been tonight?
Ok a little gossip. James tells me "Sympathy For Mr Vengeance" are having a bit of a line up change. They are bringing in the drummer from "Columbian Necktie" who is brilliant, their lead vocalist is moving to be the new Bass guitarist, the original bass guitarist is going to concentrate on the computer effects and keyboards and they are bringing in a new female vocalist. (TBA) So I for one can't wait to hear the new line up.
Anyone with green fingers want to help with the new garden at Bar Lisboa? Louis and Monica are improving the court yard today (Friday) from 12.00am onwards. "Clare without and i" has already volounteered her services.
More photos from the Grass Roots festival very soon.
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