Monday, June 19, 2006

The Bestival opportunity

Any unsigned bands out there want to play The Bestival?
Well those lovely chappies at Rizla have teamed up with The Bestival and they're sponsoring one unsigned band to play on the purple stage and all you have to do is send in a demo by 7th July.
Someone by the unlikely moniker Rob Da Bank will choose a shortlist of bands who then go on to a public vote.

So you've been told, I've given you the message and I can relax now. You're all going to click on the link have a read and send off your demos.
Go get'em Floyd.

Todays myspace of the day is the remarkably insane John Otway. He used to drink bottles of Quink for a bet. Check out "beware of the flowers" the song is probably older than you are, because I was listening to it over thirty years ago, I've even played it on stage a few times, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a listen. Mental or what?

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