Thursday, January 04, 2007

Unity 28th December 2006

OMG we're late this time with the pics of last week. I blame it all on the horizontal lubricant that we've been forced to imbibe and all the parties we've been forced to attend. So here's the pics from Unitys post Christmas laid back folksy type night. Kicking off for us were Cruel Folk singing incredibly cruel songs about cruel people doing cruel things to each other. Surprisingly Cruel Folk are not at all Cruel in real life and are infact very nice. But you know the quiet ones are the worst.The leg end that is Terry Emm. He's another very quiet guy who is unassuming in character, but what a performer. We can't think of anyone who weren't totally blown away by this guys talent.
Finally before the DJs we were treated to Intwined, who despite lacking their usual drummer, played a beautiful set full of great riffs and lovely harmonies.

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