Monday, April 23, 2007

Thursday 19th April 2007

Here's simian Hybrid. You may remember the Staceman as a drummer. He is now back with a new ego to try on for size as ace singer songwriter who happens to now have a band as well. Fingersmith. What again? You may be asking yourself. You may not. You may not have been paying attention to what's going on. But if you did ask yourself the question all we can say is shame on you. We keep asking these guys back because they're brilliant. An if you'd paid attention and if you'd seen them before you would know what I'm talking about and you would never have even thought of asking the question. You'd have just said "Hoorah! they're back again." AND they come all the way from suffolk to play for you.
Cripes it's the Contrast. When questioned by some idiot "What's The Contrast like?", Fozzy feigned total ignorance. "Never heard of 'em" he said climbing on stage to sit behind the drum set.

...and here's some of you enjoying the evening.
Until next time ... rock on mes enfants.


Jase said...

Great gig guys, er, shame about the photos...of everyone!

Gilbert & Leena said...

Twas Indeed A Super gig, Fozzy looks so deadpan! Great drumming!

Doug said...

Well Done Stace Good first show.