Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thorpe Hall Fund Raiser Night

When Thorpe hall Running Club approached Unity a few months ago asking if we'd host a fund raiser for Thorpe Hall, well, we were honoured to have that privilege. The nurses/runners proposed a class line up of acts to appear on stage. The first being Staceman whose repertoire has grown as has his ability to perform. It's interesting to note that to keep going the fund raisers at Thorpe Hall have to raise annually 1.2million pounds just to keep the place afloat. This is no mean feet. Especially when it has to be done year after year. Next up on stage The Ghears. What can I say you've got to witness the passion to believe it. Never have we seen such emotion put into a set as we had this night. Outstanding.
Our good friend Dan Donovan on stage next as his altar Ego king kool variously described as Swamp Rock, garage Rock, Grunge Rock, Bombastic guitar, whatever you call it, it's powerful. hardly surprising when he let me into the secret which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing with you. Drop down E string to D then put the guitar through two amps. Yes boys and girls count them, two amps, one guitar amp, then a bass amp to get that massive bassy grunge sound. So now you know. Oh yeah the other secret is you've got to be as good as King Kool. Rock on Danny boy.
The final act of the night the gloriously talented and funkadelic Groove Cartel, who never fail to entertain. Groove Cartel carried on the party atmosphere that had developed throughout the night.
We're proud to announce that we raised over £200 on the night for Thorpe Hall Hospice, and had a lot of fun doing it. It's such a worthy cause.

So next week is Shaggys birthday party at Unity. To celebrate we have local legends Opaque on stage. Those crazy guys Columbian Necktie. Pip and Phils Magic Penny
and finally all the way from Norwich winners of Bands Of East Anglia 2006 so they've got to be good, Rigo Jancsi. They've also got a new single out so it'll be your chance to hear it live. So wew want you there. It's Shaggys Birthday for Chrissakes come and celebrate with him. Thank him for all the hard work he's put in to bring you amazing live music every week. Lets Partay.

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