Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shaggys Super Secret Surprise Birthday Party

We like to think it's a testament to how much lurve you have for our main man Shaggy for so many of you to turn up for his Super Secret Surprise Birthday Party. Or was it because we had four class acts performing on our stage? Or was it both? Whatever we had a great time. Just recently we had an email from the BEE BEE CEE asking us who's hot and who's not in the music scene right now. Yeah we're THAT important here at Unity towers. So we had no hesitation at all in recommending the BBC check out our first act on tonight, Pip & Phils Magical Penny. Comic songs played 1920's style with a bit of Flanders and Swann thrown in on Guitar Mandolin and acoustic Bass. Judging by the applause they received I think our recommendation was right on the nail.Our next act on stage Rigo Jancsi. Rigo Jancsi formed late in 2005. Inspired by a story discovered when randomly looking for a chocolate cake recipe. ‘It was scandalous! She was a princess, and he a gypsy prímás called Rigo Jancsi. He played violin at the restaurant while she dined with her husband. Eyes must have met, hearts fluttered.’ The Princess left her husband and gave up everything to live with the gypsy violinist. Great story, great band, who were winners of the 2006 Band of East Anglia competition. What more can we say.
Our very own favourite band Opaque, who were trying out new songs for Shaggys birthday.
I don't know how many times we've said it about bands getting better and better each time they play, but Columbian Necktie are no exception. They started off by taking the piss out of them selves and just having fun. Recently featured in Art & Soul magazine they confirmed that they don't take themselves seriously. Well perhaps they should do because they have matured into a very tight and tidy band giving good return on the entertainment dollar.
And finally..... here's some of you having fun. Top left a little message for our good friend, la petite Francaise, Mél who is now back in France. Come back soon.
Next week the fun continues with Riot TV and The Contrast taking our stage
You can check out The Contrast cos they've been featured in this months Art & Soul Magazine
(That's issue five) also check out the Stretch limo pic. Actually it's a Ford Consul that's been stretched. Cool huh?

That's it for now. We'll be back. Hasta la vista babies

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