Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday 9th August 2007

The entertainment goes on, this time with Staceman opening the show. With his oh so powerful and clear voice resonating around the venue through Shaggys new improved speaker system. As if we hadn't enough speakers on the case, he's added a couple more on stands to aid the top end. OK Hands up those who read the evening telegraph review of a few weeks ago where they accused Alpha Red of being "plod rock". Ooops! I bet they loved that. Then he said our sound system was tinny. Yikes. Er hello that's why we've done got some more high end speakers because it wasn't tinny enough. Anyway thanks for the plug in the Evening Telegraph it's always appreciated. I bet The Brackets loved their plug as well. "Jaunty and Riff driven". Fabulous.So those energetic guys from Riot TV were on next. They did a very creditable version of Hendrixs Purple haze with the lead guitarists whizzing up and down his fret board. All he needed to make the scene perfect was set fire to his guitar and play with his teeth. Maybe that's above and beyond the call of duty. Although the bass guitarist did the rock hero bit by slinging his bass guitar off the stage at the end. You don't get much more Rock and Roll than that. Maybe that's when they should have set fire to something. Not that I condone any forms of arson.
Oh those GODs of rock, The Contrast. Super tight set all held together by Fozzys surgically precise drumming. There he is hiding amongst his cymbals. I might as well take this opportunity to mention September 13th. Fozzy is organising a drum extravaganza at Unity. It'll be fantastic. We did it before at The Fiddlers Elbow, I gotta say I was very sceptical at first. But it turned out to be a lot of fun. So we're doing it again, Fozzy is getting the citys best drummers on the case. Rumour has it Paul from Live music. We're hoping Lee from The Brackets. If you want to be part of it get hold of Fozzy not us we're having a short break to tidy up the Unity office.
Next week we're honoured to present to you the .... insert favourite superlatives here... Firegarden. Also for the 1st time at unity all the way from such exotic places as Ramsey and Easfield Road, Andog. Their drummer had the audacity to go on holiday for this gig (it's all about drummers this week isn't it?)so they're playing an acoustic set. Well if Nirvana can play "unplugged" so can Andog.

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