Friday, August 17, 2007

The Glass Onion 11th August

See stuff does go on around and about this time it was at The Glass Onion, which is a very friendly place. Here at Unity we're big fans of The Glass Onion and even bigger fans of those lovely volounteers who give their time selflessly every week. So all the way from Spalding it's Blue Mary Jane. They got their name from a John Lennon song of a similar name. They're good, a bit of chuck berry vibe a bit of Rock and roll, a bit Rolling Stones and a lot of enthusiasm. Catch them next at Unity in September.Here's the new golden boy on the block. The name on everyones lips. OK maybe not everyone. My mum hasn't even heard of him "Daniel who?". And some of you will know my mum is pretty rock and roll for a 74 year old. She's on first name terms with all the local rockers. Well maybe not all. But there are those in the know, those with their fingers on the pulse, who rate this guy. Daniel Fridholm.
Finally before my head exploded with the excitement of what is the Glass Onion we had "Dirty As Muck" who were launching their new long player that night. Interestingly the drummer alternated between using drum sticks and his bare hands to play drums. Showing a deftness of touch unheard of in your local thrash metal band. Also as a kindness to all those who turned up the band were giving away their new long player for free. You should have seen Lisa squeal with excitement at that one, as she dashed in to score her own copy.

This Thursday we are very excited to tell you we have Barrellass on stage. Those of you who saw them last time will know they are not to be missed.

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