Saturday, August 18, 2007

Randall Rootz Festival Mk1 Saturday

The crowd was heaving everyone and his dog turned up at The Brewery Tap, I used the term "dog" metaphorically, because there were actually precious few dogs there on the night. So we had a great party atmosphere going with loads of eager anticipation. Angryman were first on stage. There's a brilliance in the simplicity. Just two guitars one strummed and the other put through various effects pedals but played by the guitar virtuoso Steve Bean. Various songs were played against a backing track of Mark Randalls original drum track. The Dead Rabbits with special guests, I forget their names, that's how good I am, any way they were members of the Original Pogues line up one was called Spider or summat. The other? who cares? It was a great night. They raised loads of money for the Sue Ryder Trust.

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