Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday 19th July 2007

Welcome to another edition of "wassyourgame sonny". Firing off the night with all guns blazing Richard hall and little sis Mel performing selections from Richards new long player Horizons. Available at all good record shops and the Glass Onion. Then to further confuse people reading the programme of events we had the impossibly tall John Litchfield and the impossibly talented Sir James Chadwick on stage to do a couple of songs. Just as you think it's safe to go to the bar Disposable man take the stage complete with backing tracks and a choir of angels on hard drive. You aint seen nothing yet. Not until you've witnessed Disposable Man. Political like Billy Bragg, poetic like John Cooper Clark, angry like all of us. Yet spitting it out to the brilliant guitar work of Steve Satori. If you'd like to receive more words of wisdom from the motormouth that is Richard verbal I've a sneaky feeling you needn't look any further than the Palmerston Arms on Oundle Road.
Double Handsome Dragons rising from the ashes of what was Sidearm. They got their name from a Japanese film about a marshal arts soccer team. Well they exploded onto the stage and never let up the energy. No vocals just pure enthusiastic playing, visually very exciting and for your listening pleasure? Well would you expect anything less than brilliance from those Sidearm boys? Check out how handsome those Dragons are.
Next week for your entertainment pleasure. Unity is hosting a fund raiser for Thorpe hall Hospice. Those lovely nurses at Thorpe Hall are organising the event and we'll be hosting it. So we'll have on stage Groove Cartel, The Ghears, King Kool and Staceman. It's a cracking line up and all for only £4. It's a good cause so get down here next Thursday 26th July.

Peace Love and Unity

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