Friday, December 08, 2006

Unity 7th December 2006

Unity continue to stage incredibly talented musicians. Below are the brilliant Micawber, who's sublime harmonies captivated the audience. These guys come from Oakham and play beautifully.Ok from the sublime to the downright outrageous. The Juzzt have re-emerged with Rock and Roll Andy fronting the band in his own inimitable style. He is a God amongst men. Posturing on stage and frightening the front row of the audience. if nothing else he knows how to entertain and he does that very well.
What diverse line up we have tonight. Straight from Anthony Burgess's "A ClockWork Orange" we have "Columbian Necktie", brilliant alternative rock.

Don't forget next week we have the mighty "Blankit" and those cute little girlies with attitude "The Playful Rays", they might be girlies but they know how to rock.

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