Saturday, February 24, 2007

Band of 2007 2nd semi final

The competition goes on and it's getting more and more intense as the weeks go by. As we get closer to the final and the covetted first prize of hard cash in the relevant grubby little hand the bands are giving it everything. All except maybe Alpha Road who despite getting through to the semi finals chose not to turn up for reasons best known to themselves, whichis a shame because lots of people thought they were pretty cool. Anyway Intwined turned up and having fully integrated their new drummer into the band proved to be better than ever, recieving rapturous applause. It's those Brackets again. How many times do we have to say that we're impressed with these guys, not many more because they got through to the semi final and got even more rapturous applause from the audience.
And so to counting the votes, meanwhile to keep you all entertained the impossibly tall and bizarre John Litchfield.
Hello I know you only log onto this site to see yourselves and see how great we've made you look in the photos. Hmmmm some of you even get a facial makeover before publication. It's like being on telly. Aye caramba here you are.

The voting was very tight. The audience vote was split with identical amounts of votes for both bands. The Judges were split one judge for Intwined one voted The Brackets and the third had it as a draw. So what to do. Well Shaggy got out his Texas scientific calculator and with the use of calculus and integrated equations tried to find a winner. Finally with only one point difference, but someone has to win and someone has to lose, The Brackets win a place in the grand final. They can smell the money already, except of course they compete against Revenue who were sh*t hot last week and the winner of the last semi final next week which features Free Will and the Bad influences, The Beautiful Sleazy and Final Epitaph.

That's thursday March 1st next week. You'll be sorry if you miss it.

Rock on dudes.

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