Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Band of 2007 3nd semi final

It's getting exciting. This Thursday we have the last semi final to secure for one talented band a covetted place in the grand final on the 8th March.
This weeks semi finalists are:
The Beautiful Sleazy
Free Will & the Bad Influences
Final Epitaph

So we're in for an exciting night. For any fans of the bands I urge you to turn up and vote. The audience vote is absolutely vital and as in last weeks competition one extra vote from the crowd could have changed the outcome completely. So be warned.

We're also excited to tell you that this week we have a special guest appearence of the legendary Jack Brown who will be on stage after the competition to entertain you while the votes are being counted. So that's another great excuse to turn up.

And while we're at the announcments have you checked out the Unity myspace? on it you'll see our lovely calendar and you can marvel at how hard we've been working on your behalf. Gasp at the wealth of talent we've lined up to entertain you. We've got james Chadwick, Opaque, Acer, Point 7 Pistol, Gaia, Fabonacci, Mr Zed, Groove cartel and many more great bands and artists. There's some cracking line ups already and more to come so keep watching. As we finalise the deals we'll post the dates.

Ok we've done a tie in with The BBC and they've done a feature on Unity Band of 2007 on the BBC website Check it out HERE

We've got a few projects in hand with the BBC not least securing airplay for the best bands of the Band of 2007 Competition. As and when other things happen we'll let you know.
Finally myspace of the week this week goes to John Russell
have a listen to his sublime acoustic guitar playing and great voice and have a look at his entertaining site complete with videos archived songs what more could you ask for? Go have a look you know you want to.
Until then.....

Peave love and Unity from the Unity Office
Shaggy, Mike and Craig.
PS Craig our new public relations man is P'ed off because we haven't got him his own desk in the office yet. Why does he need a desk when he's always up making us coffee? That's the way it is, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Rock on.

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