Saturday, March 03, 2007

Band of 2007 3rd semi final

From the very first opening bars it was obvious that Free Will & The Bad Influences meant business. Solid bluesy rock songs with on occasion, wailing harmonica accompaniment. You could see jaws dropping as people mouthed the words "wow" and "awesome". It can't be bettered........well you'd say that until the next band stalked onto the stage, The Beautiful Sleazy, early stones with that confident Mick Jagger strut going on. Fantastic. thirty minutes of brilliance. What would you expect from bands that got this far in the competition. You wouldn't expect anything less. So who do you choose as the best band to go on into the final, no one yet because next up....
...we have Final Epitaph. Now I suppose it's common knowledge through my comments over the years that I am not exactly the biggest fan of death metal there is and if there's a choice between having root canal surgery without anasthetic or listening to yet another death metal combo I'd be off to the dentists in a flash. But I'm going to make an exception to this. Final Epitaph. These guys are awesomely good. They really know how to have a good time. You can't just dismiss these guys on a whim because they happen to play a genra of music you don't particularly subscribe to because these dudes are genuinely talented. Not only that they know how to party. They were not restricted by petty boundaries like the stage area, like free style ice skaters they used every available space to their advantage, coming out into the audience and rocking.
But of course you were there weren't you. You saw all this excitement and while you were racking your brains trying to decide who to vote for, and it was, yet again a close call, we had the very wonderful Jack Brown without his Dead Mans Orchestra to do a set for you.
..and the winner was....hushed silence for dramatic pause....Free Will and the Bad Influences. Who go into next weeks grand final.

So the official line for the grand final on March 8th is:
The Brackets
Free Will & The Bad Influences

as if that isn't enough to make you pee your pants in excitement we have as our special guest to entertain you during the counting of the votes, the one, the only, the very lovely, Heather McVey. A great vocal talent whose voice will make you melt. I thank you.

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