Saturday, March 10, 2007

Band of 2007 The Grand Final

Capacity crowds, great atmosphere, brilliant bands what more could you ask for in a perfect nights entertainment? The tension was high as the first band hit the stage. Free Will and the Bad INfluences who stormed to victory last week in the last of the semi finals. Second band on stage were Revenue who went completely crazy before they even reached the stage geeing up the audience with screams of "We love Revenue", once on stage they blasted through their set much to the appreciation of the crowd.
The Brackets, a relatively new band who first cut their teeth with a live audience on Unitys stage a couple of months ago. Since then they've improved and fine tuned their performance. A great favourite amongst the crowd.
So the votes needed to be counted, it was a close run thing as seems to be the tradition during this competition. But during the counting and checking of the votes we were honoured to have the very talented Heather McVey do a set with her manically bizarre sidekick Tristan.
The winner on the night was despite chants and screams for one band or another, The Brackets and here are some of you enjoying yourself. This week we had a Guest photographer (Clare) doing the papparazzi shots. That's Clare at the bottom right of the montage below.

Don't forget the Unity relaunch party on the 15th March featuring the Fabulous Lazy Habits ably supported by the coolest funk groove band in town Groove Cartel.

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