Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's on this week

Greetings mud monsters!
It's that time of year again - the spring equinox is upon us and that means its time to party - celebrating the oncoming summer and all the extra partying it will bring! The Grassroots Equinox Party is taking place at Spirit & Soul (formerly Lisboa), 24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough this Saturday from 4pm till 4am and promises to be a really special event. See below for more details.
But that's not the only thing on the agenda for the week and weekend:
The Glass Onion will have Arry in session with his weekly DJ workshop for you to learn and hone your skills on the wheels of steel. The workshop will run from 6pm till 8pm and is free.
At 8pm the Bar area at the Onion will become a meeting space for discussion and planning of the City Roots Festival - which Muddy are working on in conjunction with Peterborough City Council and which will take place on the Embankment on 4&5 August this year. This meeting is open to anybody who wants to get involved on any level or who is just interested in hearing what is going on.
Thursday nights are Unity nights at Spirit & Soul, and after the success of the relaunch party the team are proud to have another kick ass line-up of music.
Mr Zed are Cambridge based psychedelic phreaks with a 6 piece band playing intensely original music taking in elements of drum & bass, Pink Floydesque psychedelia and dubedelic skank.
End of the Day have made quite an impression on the local scene in their short time on it. Their synthed up rock has been compared to Sonic Youth and they are always a treat.
Columbian Necktie are playing in acoustic guise (something you don't see every day). We're as fascinated as anybody to see how their comedic rock insanity translates into the new format.
Ghost is a breakcore/experimental producer from Cambridge record label/party crew Life 4 Land. He will be playing a DJ set of his own tunes from his laptop.
DJ Urb needs no real introduction. This time around he will be playing drum & bass.
Entrance is FREE before 9pm, and is only £3/£2 muddy members afterwards.
Doors open at 8pm and will close when we've had enough. :)
Alternatively round the corner at The Park you'll find local rock wonders Acer, Point Seven Pistol and Wake playing from 7pm. There is a headline act on the bill too but I don't remember their name right now.....oops..... Tickets are £5.

And at the Glass Onion it's games night from 4pm till 12 midnight - with games consoles on the big screen, free pool, chess etc etc. Entrance is free.
There are two wonderful acoustic shows on this Friday - the city is being spoilt this week!
The Glass Onion is hosting it's open mic session from 8pm, with special guests this week Andy Whittle and 3DM. Earlier in the night there's also the weekly drum workshop with Dutch Tony, this is also free to take part in, is open to all and takes place from 5 till 6. This Friday also marks the start of a public disply at the Onion relating to the anniversary of the abolition of slavery.
Meanwhile in other haunts you'll find Abi's acoustic session at the Brewery Tap from 9pm till late with performers Fre3 Peace (Abi, Stacey and Kez from Point of Origin unfame), Jennifer James and John Litchfield. Entrance is free here too.
Well it's time for that Equinox Party again!
The venue is Spirit & Soul, 24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough. Doors open at 4pm and the first band is local faves Point of Origin who will play at 4:15 pm so get there early. Entrance is a mere £3 if you get there in time for POO, afterwards is £6/£5 Muddy members.
Check out this line-up:

Excentral Tempest
Touring with her large entourage of musos bringing conscious and socially aware hip-hop to the people.

Gideon Conn
"Think Beck at a jamming session with The Shortwave set. Gideon's lyrics, often rapped, tell of heart-warming and humorous tales and produce laughs without fail. His band variates in size and instruments, sometimes including violin, jew harp and trombone." -

Joe Driscoll
"A sonic wonderkid who creates his 21st century 'folk' live onstage, sample by sample, beat by beat... one to watch." - Time Out

Diversely described as Country/Dub to Folk/Punk. Have a listen and you try Smile

Local alternative heroes who really need no introduction on this board.

Point of Origin
Another set of local bods you probably know by now, if not come and see them....


James Chadwick
....and another one who should really need no intro. If you don't know him where have you been?!

"the aim in all good conversation, in communication with heart, is that there can neither be victor nor vanquished, only well informed, enlightened and reassured people."

Sarah Bear
Conscious acoustic music from Sarah, who works closely with groups such as Sunday Sounds, Peace Not War and Rhythms of Resistance.

Julian Stone
...who? lol


Pony (Small World )
Small World's festivals have become legendary in the UK. Pony plays a diverse mixture of music from world to ska to dum & bass.
Luvlea (Tripycyty/Scarymonsters?/Twyst)
Luvlea is a psy-trance DJ currently working with Cambridge based crew Twyst.

Shaggy (Playskool/Psychedelic Breakdown)
Psychedelic breakbeats from man from Playskool.
Urb (System Abuse/Playskool)
Dirty and twisted drum & bass from our resident world record holder.
Don't miss out - this party is going to be really special! Come along, bring your friends, tell the whole world. Rock da Grassroots!
...till next time
Peace love unity and respect.

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corneilius said...

I am so looking forwards to seeing you all again. I have a new scam. It goes likes htis. If you bring a USB key with 250mb of free space on it, you can download MP3s of my songs and my dance music, including latest unreleased works from my laptop!! I reckon a quid a throw is fair enough, don't you?

Even then, if you just want the music, I say "HAVE EET!