Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Myspace of the week

Ok we've got a little nepotism going on here I admit it. We're making one of our own myspace of the week. But to be fair it's well deserved, and a little late because the man in question didn't get up off his arse to produce a page, leaving it to little sister, Mel, to produce. Got enough clues yet?
So why do you want to check out this myspace site? Well you get to listen to two great tracks of the new album from one of Peterboroughs best vocalists and talented guitarists, who at the moment is riding a camel in Morrocco. Come on surely you've guessed it by now. His new album is on sale at the Glass Onion for a mere £5 it's called "Horizons". Go get it it's brilliant. How many clues do you need?


Don't you just love that? He's not just Richard Hall or Rich he's THE Richard Hall and his songs prove it. And if you haven't already bought his album I strongly urge you to do so. It's in my car on repeat play.

Stop press
Just in case you didn't notice that we've changed the special guest for this weeks grand final of the competition, we now have the lovely Heather McVey doing the vote counting slot after the three bands have played. I gotta tell you ever since we found Heather , she's been a firm Unity favourite and has played on numerous occasions for us, each time winning more and more fans.

Just a few more days until the Final and word has come in that bands are going all out to bring in supporters and fans, Free will are bussing coach loads from cambridge, The Brackets have press ganged loads and Revenue are flying in a shed load on a private jet. So I guess it's going to be busy. We can't wait. Three of the areas finest bands playing on the same night on the same stage.In some respects we don't care who wins (because we have to be impartial) because we know it's going to be one of those very very special nights. I know a lot of the bands who have competed have made new friends and found mutual respect with everyone they've met.

So until Thursday... er... rock on dudes

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