Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thursday 22nd March 2007

Columbian Necktie as you've never seen them, acoustically, not that is unless you've been in their front room on a bender.Actually it was pretty good, the usual unusual that you'd expect from the guys.End of the Day continue to entertain. In a Forest in a wood being one of my favourites, not least because Danny goes crazy, except he didn't this time.
MrZed who supplied the visual backdrop controlled by a PC in the sound booth,which incidently also inspired these photos. We went for a more surreal psychodelic look in the pics this week. Why? Because we can. It's done by using a slow shutter speed to capture the ambient light and a flash to capture the action. A little bit blurry in parts but that's the trade off.
Of course no night would be complete without our audience. A more lovely bunch of people you couldn't hope to meet.

Oh this Thursday we've got something different. Unity is hosting Gizz Butts Rock Academy. It's the first gig for all of the four bands on stage, but they've all been personally trained and guided in all aspects of rock music by the world famous Gizz Butt (ex Prodigy). It's £4 to get in but it promises to be a very interesting night. If you come after 11:00pm it's free. But then you'll miss the bands.

It's great to see Richard back from his sojourn in Spain. He's back on the Unity team with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Watch out very soon for pics from The Muddy Equinox party. It was great.

See you soon, until then, Peace, Love and Unity

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