Friday, March 16, 2007

The Unity Relaunch Part-ay

Well we've run a very successful Band of 2007 competition. A huge thank you to all the bands that took part it was a lot of fun for everyone. Special congratulations to The Brackets, Revenue and Free Will and The band Influences for getting to the final. But now we're back with a bang and a glimpse of how we mean to go on. Our first artist Graham Edwards you may remember him from such bands as Opaque etc anyway here he was doing a solo spot with his own original songs, very nice too. A band that don't need much introduction if you're familiar with the Peterborough music scene, the grooviest band in town the guys who put the funk in funkaliscious - Groove cartel.
Our special guests tonight all the way from London the amazing Lazy Habits who really know how to have a good time and entertain. Their man Beatbox (bottom left) what? We had to check to see if anyone else was playing, he did the drums, vocals and horn section all in the one microphone amazing.
and of course there's all you guys. Yeah you knew we wouldn't forget you and your own private little quests for fame, so here you all are having a great time.

Ooooh news hot off the press, our man Richard is back on Wednesday, so he'll be back on the Unity team, with his usual enthusiasm. I guess he got fed up with riding camels. But the main thing is he's gonna be back in time for next Thursdays show which will feature Mr Zed (they usual have an audio visual show as well), Columbian Necktie and End of the Day. Not only that the show will feature you guys as well as our audience, because without you what's the point? So we'd love you to turn up. We want you to have fun and we want you to hear some incredible music from some very talented musicians. in the meantime er..... rock on dudes

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