Friday, January 27, 2006

26th January 2006

What another great night at Unity, nearly a full house. This is "Cell 69", featuring Tommo on lead guitar and Vocals, Sven on Bass and Ifan on drums.
This montage is Columbian Necktie, and yes, they like a bit of the old columbian occasionally, featuring Neil Saunders on lead guitar and Vocals, Tom Seymour on Drums and Vocals, and Ben Hackney on Bass.
...and what you've been waiting for, the audience, featuring on lead vocals, my good friend, Trevor from Hooker, specially flown in for the event. Dee on lead inflateable guitar. And many more really nice people who didn't tell me their names. Or I forgot. Mea culpa.
Let me know if you prefer this new format or you'd like me to go back to the old one. If there's anything you'd like to see on the website let me know. Someone who shall remain nameless suggested naked people. I said only if there's volounteers. I don't mind taking the photos. It's Art OK?

Rock on mes dudes et bien tot

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