Friday, January 20, 2006

World Record Club DJ Mix

DJ Urb 35 hours into his world record breaking attempt at Club DJ mixing.
Fellow DJ Martin Porter, who is staying for the duration, recording every track played. To be a valid world record claim, everything must be witnessed and recorded. Klayr, DJ Urbs sister, was taking witness statements from the audience and the whole event is being recorded on video.
Meanwhile the Unity crowd were enjoying every minute. But who's going to stay up until stupid o'clock to keep on dancing. Part of the rules is that at any one time at least one person MUST be dancing. So if you've got your dancing shoes on get down to The Fiddlers Elbow we need your support. You can be part of this world record.

Ian Carey, our sound Engineer, who after work commitments, will be there 24/7 until the end. Which will be sometime Saturday, so get down there, show your support. keep our boy encouraged. A world record is not down to just one person. It can't happen without your encouragement and support. We need you to be part of this.

...and here you are...
Rock on dudes until next week.

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