Monday, January 16, 2006

Muddy Promotions Announcements

To each and every one of you, thank you for your support.

(am I laying it on a bit thick?)

2005 saw the growth of the Peterborough music scene almost beyond recognition. With the setting up of Muddy Promotions and the cohesion and collaboration of groups such as Unity (every Thursday nights at The Fiddlers Elbow), System Abuse (Wed 18th – Sat 21st DJ Urb will be going for the world record attempt at the longest continuous DJ set. Please Go and show your support), Drip-Dry Productions and many others.

The success of nights such as Unity and Opaque&Jam brought musicians closer together. Bands like Point Of Origin, Circus, James Chadwick, Julian Stone and too many more that I shouldn’t of started this, started jamming together. It also began the fusion of electronic music nights with rock and reggae and funk and folk, and saw some of the best alternative nights I’ve ever seen in Peterborough. The last twelve months saw Opaque record our debut studio album, “The Last Moustache”, which will be set for release in February through Drip-Dry Productions. Having built up close ties with groups such as The Secret Garden Festival, Earth Heart and Synergie, 2006 promises to be an amazing year.

GrassRoots Festival, June 23rd –25th 2006

We at Muddy Promotions ( are putting on a three day alternative music and arts festival on June 23rd - 25th of next year. The festival is to be called The GrassRoots Festival and will be a located on a farm just outside of stamford (exact location to be kept secret untill closer to the event).


Due to the type of license we are applying for this year the numbers are restricted to 500 people. It is more than likely due to the popular nature of the event that it will only be opened to Muddy Promotions members, you have been warned. The festival is organised by the people for the people so do get involved. It is not publically funded and is a non profit making organisation. We will need as much help as you can give us. All performers will be asked to help out with stewarding etc. We will at present also have to charge everyone an intial £5 membership and £20 for a ticket.

If you'd like to join Muddy Promotions either as a performer or a member, or would like to come to next years festival then please send this Application form along with £5 to Muddy Promotions, 21 Henry St, Peterborough, PE1 2QG. By filling out the application but not paying the fee you will become an associate member and will receive updates but will not be entitled to the privalages of muddy membership (inc discounted events entry and festival participation/entry). Please contact me for more info..

Opaque Gigs in January

Unsigned Showcase 2005 Semi final – Sat 21st Jan

The fountain – 125 West Green Road, London N15.

On Stage 9pm. £5 Adm. P’boro return minibus £5.

Opaque&Jam (open mic) – Sat 28th Jan.

Bogarts – North St, P’boro.

8pm til 11pm, Free Adm.

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