Monday, January 23, 2006

The Coming Week

Greetings energy vortices within the multi-verse!

It's been a strange few days for the community. Urb smashed the 84 hour world record for longest DJ mix to smithereens and was still managing to smile at us by time he fell out the doors of Fidds and hobbled home. A huge congratulations to the man himself and a thanks on his behalf to everyone who turned up and showed there support during the many days that he stood tiredly at the decks.

So, what's next?


This week's Unity has a huuuuuge line-up!

Our acoustic act is Chris Barrie, returning to the Unity stage after his debut appearance a few months back. Original material and covers in a melodic indie styling.

We have two bands - Cell 69 (quality rock band - not too light - not too heavy) and Columbian Necktie (I really don't know what to expect from these guys....but I have a feeling they're gonna be fun).

Our DJ for the night is Jim from Growsystems who'll be laying down reggae/funk/hip-hop grooves to swing your asses to.

Our electronic act has unfortunately been forced to cancel but will be replaced with a special guest.....

As always the night will begin with the now famous Unity Jam, it'll be free before 9:15, £3 after and will be full of happy people grinning and larking about p*ss-headedly.

See you there.

Other events

Wednesday sees the first night for a new promotion at the Solstice called Pixie Skin. It's a Jazz/World focused night with an international art exhibition incorporated into it. There will be live music and DJ's and lots of friendly bods, so come and show your support for a new night doing something different. Entrance is by voluntary donation to a Age Concern.

On Thursday James Chadwick is playing at the Met Lounge on the acoustic night - always a treat. It's a shame it clashes with Unity or else I'd be there.

Friday you're just spoilt for choice as well:

Circus are playing in Bogarts which is bound to be a good'un. Probably their last gig before a little break too.

Meanwhile (and afterwards) The Modal Monks, Point Seven Pistols and Yo Yeti are playing at Fidds, with Urb resuming his position on the decks (as if he hasn't played long enough.....pure hardcore that boy!)

On Saturday Playskool return to the Fidds for a night of cutting edge underground beats and breaks to make you jump about, dance and grin alot.

Also on Saturday Opaque and Jam is hitting Bogarts again.

So - a busy one all round.

Till next time - peace love and unity.

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