Tuesday, February 14, 2006


News just in people. Here's another opportunity to get noticed, increase your profile, who knows? Get famous. Read on....

The City Showcase people have launched their annual hunt for aspiring musicians and designers to take part in this year's event, which has moved to June (5-9 Jun to be precise). Various music showcases will take place during the mini-festival - in trendy West End fashion stores and several music venues. Amy Winehouse, Rishi Rich, Sway, Razorlight, Rooster and Keane are among those who have played at past City Showcase events, so they've got quite a good record so far. For details of how to apply to take part check their website: http://www.cityshowcase.co.uk/


You may like to consider this...

Play Greenbelt 2006
Green belt 2006 is a Christian Music and Arts festival held at Cheltenham towards the end of August. At the moment they're looking for acts to play and perform live on stage so send your demos in now.
In due course, they'll be announcing some of their first headline names for Greenbelt this summer. But also welcome submissions to play and perform at the festival and would love to hear from you.
I don't suppose Satanic Rock will go down very well. So consider that when you send in your demo.
So here's where you send it -->HERE<--

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