Friday, February 24, 2006

Thursday 23rd February

What larks and japes we have. First off at Unity "Lindas Nephew" from Huntingdon.

Lindas Nephew are: Jaime Randall lead vocal and guitar, James Cuthbert keyboards, Wilkes Drums and Tom Allerton on Bass. Followed by Steve Gonzales, a Unity comedy 1st, playing comic songs. About football mainly what else?

So then we had the Camden leisure Pirates or was it Camden leisure Pirate as only one of them could make it. That will be Tom on Keyboards then.
Tom likes Peterborough, the people are friendly, he is very relaxed here, or it could be the drink that made him so very relaxed.
..anyway before long he'd recruited a new band all playing percussion. We only hope that next time he comes to Unity he brings the rest of the band, because even relaxed the boy rocks. He's such a gentleman, well they are from Cambridge, waited for an ashtray rather than put his fag butt on the floor. This is manners for yer.The legend that will be, James Chadwick he gets up off the drum kit after playing with The Camden Pirate picks up his guitar and starts playing. This is a guy who continually makes me sick by demonstrating yet again how versatile and talented he is. It's not enough that he plays guitar and sings, tonight he played drums as well, the other week it was bass, next week he'll be on bagpipes and still make it look easy.
Oh well for those of you who thought you were missing out on stuff happening elsewhere tonight. Check this out.
Here are the "Playful Rays" winners of this weeks heat of the Battle Of the Bands at the Solstice. Words fail me.

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