Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unity: One For All And All For....

Discussions have been held. Decisions have been made. Unity is not just Thursday night at the Fidds. Unity is an idea, a concept. We are not in competition with other groups, we never have been, all the time we have been working with our friends Muddy Promotions, System Abuse, Playskool et al, to give you the best in live entertainment. Talking of the best here's "Rock Star" Andy at Genevas Open "mike" tonight...
Meanwhile down at The Solstice Pixy Skin held another Art and music night featuring, all the way from Sheffield, the fabulous Letters and Colours OK they're young but they have such potential.

As a warm up gig before their Album launch party in London on Friday, Opaque yet again impressed us with a short set. Spaces are still available, but not many so get in contact with Moony pretty damned quick if you want to come along. It's £18. That covers your travel from The Brewery Tap to the gig and Entrance fee. You may even get a free CD thrown in for being loyal, but don't quote me on that. The coach leaves at 6:30pm. We get back to Peterborough approximately 03:00am.

So being as the Unity concept is expanding. We are inviting you to send in Photos for publication (Mike Da Hat can't be everywhere) Reviews of gigs. Anything you think might be interesting to the cause. Send copy to Mike Da Hat at his link on the right.
That said The Unity Club itself is continuing as normal at the Fidds with a great line up for Thursday night. Check Shaggys previous post for details.

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