Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday 9th February 2006

First up tonight was our good friend, and impossibly tall, John lichfield. After lowering the microphone stand by two foot, Sidearm took the stage for their second Unity gig, following gigs in Islington (Hope and Anchor) Nottingham, Sleaford (where?) and Leeds.
As usual the Sidearm guys gave it maximum effort, held together by incredibly tight drumming, despite Simons problems with a broken bass string. They claimed that tonight was the first time they'd been asked to do an encore. Yeah! Hard to believe.They can be seen again at..
The Pleasure unit: Bethnal Green 14th February
The Glass house: Derby 20th February
The loft:Cambridge 24th February
...and they played here for free...
I don't know how we do it. All these great acts begging us to play for nothing. Have we got it or have we got it?

For your final delight Zia took to the desk, giving you the tunes you want to hear.

Well as there was a total of zero votes on the "Little Finger game" no one actually won. So no hands were dipped in pockets to buy drinks for the winners. It makes me wonder if you guys can't figure stuff out or you just can't be bothered. Look it isn't rocket science to click on the comments button below this. Surely you've figured it out by now?

We've been running this site for three months now. We've had over 2600 hits in that time which isn't shabby. But a total of less than 10 comments. A few more in the shout box. We need more comments. We aint doing this for our health you know. We're doing this for you. So tell us what you like, What you don't like. What you'd like to see. Who you'd like to see. Anything.

We are planning a proper Unity website to take over from this one. We need to know what you want to see on it. What information you want. What format. We need feedback. We can only give you what you want if you tell us. You can Email Tasha Shaggy Richard or Mike Da Hat if you don't want to be public

Unityrocks blogspot will continue as a photo gallery. But it has it's limitations. The comments button is below this. It says "Click here to comment" now that's not hard is it? (if someone has already commented it says something different - now that's getting tricky for you)

Peace and love

The Unity team

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