Friday, February 03, 2006

Unity 2nd February 2006

You can't get much better than tonights line up. The lovely the gorgeous, the talented, I've run out of superlatives, Irene RaeShe'd just finished as I arrived so she did another encore, just for me (so I could take photos and give her some publicity) I can dream can't I?
Next up the very wonderful Soulflower who's vocalist was off on holiday somewhere. We couldn't get enough. Brilliant.

How do you follow a band as good as Soulflower? Easy, you are Nick Thompson...
I would have taken photos of Richard playing harmonica but to be honest he's had far too much publicity on this site for his own good.
Meanwhile Shaggy is now in posession of a triple DVD detailing "How to make it in the Music bizz" don't be surprised if in the near future you aren't all invited to watch it. Unless
of course he decides to watch it himself, get famous, and leave the rest of you behind. (His words not mine)
But we're not content with just having a good time enjoying the music. Scroll down a tad and see what else we've been up to tonight...

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