Friday, October 20, 2006

Myspace of the day

Myspace of the day is a feature on Unityrocks that doesn't really live up to it's name of Myspace of THE DAY. Because we don't do this daily. Occasionally we'll find something that's worth a closer look and we think we have. Here's a band right on our doorstep. The Wainwrights I didn't think we'd have a band that had the full Phil Spectre/ Beachboys sound here. But we have. There's also a couple of tracks featuring the wonderful Maddy and Chris Watson.
So check them out. You never know they might appear on a stage near you in the future.

The Wainwrights

Elsewhere in the land of music and honey, news is coming in that Genesis are reforming and before you all wet yourselves in excitement that doesn't mean Peter Gabriel is back. It's Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony banks who are embarking on a major tour soon so you can all come down from the ceiling and start digging out your "I hate Phil Collins" T-shirts. Go on you all secretly love Genesis dontcha?

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