Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday 26th October 2006

We seemed to have a great vibe going on, it could be due to the phases of the moon, it could be the government is secretly putting something in the water, it could be there's some genuinely nice fun loving people who come to Unity. If you're one of them here you are in the montage below.
Fresh from saving the day at last weeks bash "Sacred Heart" turned up again to play their booked gig. Solid rock well performed, this is what intensive rehearsals and experience does for you.
Fresh from the heartlands of Norfolk "Blag" took the stage with their punk ska sound. You know when a band is good everyone starts dancing. I spotted a fair few rocking. So based on this I have to conclude, by logical deduction that yes Blag are officially a good band.

Next week we have a treat for all you fans of deaf metal, sorry death metal. We have those wonderful guys (and girl) Switch Theory, plus metal masters Sever The Wicked plus Cell69 it's gonna be great.

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