Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday 12th October 2006

There are times when I absolutely love this shit. Tonight was another of those times. We set ourselves the challenge of putting on four acts in one evening. With the co-operation of all the acts and the hard work of Andrew and Rich we pulled it off. No small thanks go to all you lovely people who came along to enjoy the show and by some strange quirk of fate here you all are in the traditional Unity Montage. Ah! Moosejaw. We love this band. We are going to fight tooth and claw to persuade them to come back and do their full show for you. Maybe giving Dean a little more room to throw himself about than he had here.
 If someone says "Yeah I've got an act it's just me on Bass and a drummer" you'd not think much would you. You wouldn't take it too seriously. Well this is Tarantella. One bass guitarist and a drummer. Jaws dropped in amazement. We had a venue full of the gobs well and truly smacked as Tim Pearson played his bass like a lead guitar, totally as one with his drummer. Like a telepathic link. Awesome! This was the first public airing of this as well. If you liked that, you've another chance to see him as he's back next week with End of the day.
  Posted by PicasaBless their little cotton socks it's Point Seven Pistol. Jimmy Kidnap and the boys rocking it up.
All the way from Ipswich the Tractor boys themselves Fingersmith. What a lot of fun these guys are. Those of you lightweights who left early missed a great band. Apologies to Fingersmith for keeping them out til very late. But if you insist on being the headline band, this is what happens.

Don't forget next week we have the fabulous "End of the day" and all the way from the good ol' US of A "Blue meridian" so that's going to be another great show. We'll see you all there.

Rock on dudes

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