Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday 5th October 2006

You know there's a lot of hard work goes into putting on Unity every week, all that behind scenes stuff we do, writing begging letters to bands, setting up equipment, doing the website, having food fights in the Unity office and for what? What do we get out of it? Well we have a load of fun doing this, we get to see great bands, and we get to meet a lot of lovely people. Talking of lovely people here's a bunch of you having a great time. This week we started things off with a special appearence of the "Unity Acoustic All Stars" (do you like that name? we just made it up). That's most of the Unity team on stage Richard, Moony and Mike Da Hat not forgetting our guest stars Rory and Chopper. Andrew (AKA Shaggy) saw fit to be a selfish bastard and swanned off on holiday to Portugal for sea sun and sand, or was that sun sand and ... whatever. And Tasha danced a bit.

Imagine some great pics just here if you will.
Our stand in photographer has yet to come up with the goods.
Yes that's him in the Montage above. So we'll twiddle our thumbs a bit.

As alway Unity has great pleasure in presenting the fabulous "Groove Cartel" a guaranteed brilliant night everytime they play. You see it wasn't just the Fabulous Unity Acoustic All Stars that made the night. These guys are the dudes who put the funk into... er... funk and really rocked. If you missed them don't panic they'll be back at Lisboa but not until the Muddy promotions Winter equinox extravaganza.

Rock on bipedal dudes

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