Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings carbon-based mammalians!

Winter certainly seems to be hitting very late this year - far be it from me to complain about me not having to shiver yet, but I think the trees are getting a little puzzled again. If there's no such thing as global warming there certainly seems to be UK warming!

Anyhoo, for the time being I'm gonna keep enjoying the lack of bite in the air while I ponder what a gwan in the boro and beyond this week.....

.....and in weeks ahead - as I ponder the excitement that next weekend will bring as the Muddy Scorpio Party comes to town with a live line-up that has to be seen to be believed, including the wonderful and intensely original Joe Driscoll (a one-man band like you've never seen before!), Flipron Corneilius Wake Sam Beer and Sarah Bear . Tell the world and bring them all to Lisboa next Saturday night - it's gonna be a phatty one.


Wednesday's is the day for the Pixie Folke open mic session at Bar Lisboa, 24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough. Doors open at 9pm and entrance is free so bring your instruments along and present your skills to the world in one of the most laid back atmospheres you are likely to find.


The Unity @ Lisboa bods are very excited to have Norwich based ska-punk wonders Blag visiting on the Peterborough leg of their current tour - celebrating the release of their second album. In the support slot are classic-style rockers Sacred Heart . Should be a wicked night and it's only £2 on the door (or £1 to Muddy members) so don't miss out.


Friday is open mic night at the Glass Onion. What a lucky city the boro is to have two really laid back and friendly open mic sessions per week! Be sure to take full advantage! Entrance is free and music starts around 8pm.

Meanwhile at Lisboa the Contact boys are bringing another experimental experience to tickle your fancy and your intellect. The residents will be mashing up experimental sounds and techno weirdness along with live performances from Ki (techno - Brighton) Sys-Ex (Inceptive records) and breaks from DJ Kevlar (Lincoln). Entrance is £4 before 12pm and £5 after.


The Glass Onion is hosting it's 24 hour novel workshop this weekend - challenging you to write a 24 page novel in 24 hours so get down there early in the day and get involved.

At Lisboa the Peterborough Punk Club are bringing another line-up of three quality punk bands to the stage from 8pm until 11pm. From midnight the Lisboa Halloween Party begins, it's a fancy dress affair with prizes for the best three outfits, and to keep you entertained Dj's on the decks will be Fuse (eclectic - Lisboa) Urb (eclectic - System Abuse) Bidbod (psy-trance -Playskool) Shaggy (breaks - Psychedelic Breakdown) & Kendo (Acid Trance - Playskool). Entrance is £3.


Deep Roots are still at Lisboa on a Sunday night - with free BBQ food courtesy of the Lisboa management and one of the most relaxed atmospheres to be found. Entrance is free and doors open at 6pm.

Latest news in is that dear old Elvis is not pulling his weight just recently, and that's just a month and a bit short of the Unity Elvis Beatles and Stones night. You see for a dead guy he's only earnt a pawltry £42million this year that's a down turn on last years £45million. It seems he's been over taken in the rich lists top ten dead guys by none other than that other top dead performer Kurt Cobain who has been working hard in the way only a dead person can. However most of that £50million he's earnt comes from selling his back catalogue. So next year he'll have to pull his socks up to maintain his top slot in the dead pool.Other rockers who need to pull up their socks are John Lennon, Bob Marley and Ray Charles, mind you even dead they earn more in a year than I hope to see in a lifetime.

Finally Myspace of the day goes to The Lines a four piece band from Wolverhampton, who claim influences from Radiohead and The Klaxons. You never know we may even get them to play Unity one day if the record companies don't snatch them from under our noses and make them too big for us bother with. Not that we're inversely snobbish an' all, we're just realistic enough to know that when people get noticed they want to be paid. Which means we'd have to charge you lovely people lots of cash to get in to see them. They could be worth it though. Check them out

....until next time - peace love unity and respect.

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