Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's on this week

Greetings people of the beat and the dance!

Apologies for the lateness and hurried writing of this week's mail - been a little hectic over here.

So no meaningful/less gibber this week - straight to the point.

This week's Unity at Lisboa (24 Lincoln Road, Peterborough) is a Halloween special, with three full on metal bands to resonate nicely (or not so nicely) with the dark day itself. Switch Theory, Sever the Wicked and Cell 69 are all up for full on headbanging fun which should make your ears bleed well. :) Entrance is £2 or £1 to Muddy members and doors open for the jam session at 8pm.

The bods at Diesel City Promotions have a fantastic triple bill of intelligent and slightly experimental music on Friday night upstairs at The Park. Bossk are a lo-fi and minimal yet powerful rock act, well fitted to local support and Muddy favourites Sidearm. Live trip-hop with unusual visuals from Sympathy for Mr Vengeance completes the line-up. Doors open at 8:30 pm and entrance is £5.

Meanwhile System Abuse are taking over Lisboa for another night of loud and in-yer-face drum and bass. Doors open 9pm and entrance is £4.

The Glass Onion's acoustic night/open mic is being blessed with some great artists this week - but you'll have to turn up to see who....ooh the suspense.

Abit further afield local techno-trance live act Magic Lamp are playing in Brixton at the Medussa Club, a wicked little underground venue just off Coldharbour Lane. The party is called Pulse and is being run over two rooms by Edensounds (eclectic electronic beats) and Mysztified Minds (psy-trance). Door times are a very long 9pm till 12 noon the next day and entrance on the door is £10. If you are interested in going to support the Lamp at this party please get in touch for venue/transport details.

It's time for the Muddy community to celebrate all things Scorpio at Lisboa this Saturday. A very high quality line-up has been put together for your pleasure including Joe Driscoll (you've got to see this one man show to believe it- highly original highly skilled and with well written material) Flipron (psych-blues - Radio 2 favourties) Corneilius (if you don't him by should) Sam Beer (see comment about Corneilius) Wake (local rock favourites) and Sarah Bear (you may have seen this amazing lady perform at Synergy or any of the many festivals she played at this summer). Electronic wise Dj Lookwood (psy-trance- Small World/The Drome) is taking to the decks, Magic Lamp are playing live celebrating their return to the boro and Shaggy will finish the night with psychedelic and dirty breakbeats. Doors are 4pm till 5am and entrance is £5 or £4 to Muddy members.

Deep Roots are still in session on Sunday nights at Lisboa with eclectic laid back grooves to mellow out your weekend heads.

Finally Myspace of the day. You know I think we should call it myspace of the week or month or summat. Anyway Myspace of the day goes to Kaputt. They from London claiming to be an Anglo-German band with more influences than you can shake a stick at. Apart from that they're pretty cool. What you waiting for go look listen... off you go

Till next time - peace love unity and respect.

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