Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unity 16th November 2006

What a great night at Unity. Three brill bands to thrill and entertain you. And here you are...Our very good friends the amazing Super penetraitors who get more and more outrageous everytime they play.
New kids on the block "Zhen Merit" who's sound intitially had a nod toward Radiohead. We were impressed by their interesting use of vocal effects. Not many other bands seem to do that. Lots of potential here then. And they seem to have stolen Wakes drummer.
Oh wow! King Cool. These guys have got to be seen to be believed. All you've got is a guitarist and a drummer. But what a guitarist. Dan Donovan plays like he means it and sounds like a full band all by himself. A sort of american bluesy rock thang. The drummer keeping a very tight beat on things. Dan Donovans talents don't stop there he's also a photographer not only that he's a great guy. Not only that he wants to come back and play again. Not only that we'd let him.

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