Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Greetings Muddy ones!

It's an exciting day for the Muddy community today, with the first meeting for the Grassroots Festival 2007 taking place at the Glass Onion tonight. The meeting starts at 8pm so if you are interested in being involved head on down and have a chinwag.

There's lots going on this week around and a-bouts too so lets crack on with what a gwan.


The rag-tag randomness that is the Pixie Folke open mic session at Lisboa (hosted by Shaggy of Point of Origin) is pressing on and becoming more blessedly chaotic by the week. Entrance is free and doors open at 9pm so pop down and bring your instruments.


Unity at Lisboa this Thursday has a triple bill of rock music for your enjoyment:
King Kool - alternative Americana noise-smiths www.myspace.com/king_kool
Zhen Merit - indie rock www.myspace.com/zhenmerit
The Superpenetraitors - tongue in cheek zombie metal
Doors open for the jam session at 8pm, entrance is £2 on the door, or £1 to Muddy members.

Further afield Opaque and Point of Origin are slipping into acoustic guise for performances at the Electro-Acoustic club at the Slaughtered Lamb in London. For travel and price info email opaque_moony@hotmail.com.


The Glass Onion's acoustic/open mic night is going from strength to strength. Entrance is free and music starts at 9pm.

For a full band experience try Zhen Merit (fresh from their Unity success the night before) and mod-rockers Loop ( www.myspace.com/loopland ) at the Met Lounge.

Alternatively for funky house grooves check out Funktional at Lisboa. Doors times are 9pm till late and entrance is £3.


Playskool are back in the Lisboa this Saturday for another session of psy-trance, breaks, deep house and drum and bass with all 7 residents on the bill. Door times are 9pm till 5am and entrance is £4.


For a musical chilldown try Deep Roots at Lisboa- with eclectic grooves for your sunday head and free BBQ food for your Sunday belly. Entrance is free and doors open at 7pm.

For a quieter and more visual evening try the film night at the Glass Onion.

...and Finally....

Saw this the other day and it scared the living sh*t out of me. It's footage from a rather large party in the Czech Republic. The Czech police decided to make a bit of an example of the thing......I've never seen police look so much like an army before, quite scary. Check it out at http://skylined.org/adamm/police-violence/

Of course....it's not really anything compared to the violence visited on the Iraqi people in the last 15 years by our American-shafted government. Does anyone wonder what we're doing still having troops there?

..and Finally finally...

"Clare without an I" sent this link into the Unity Office. It's the John Butler Trio. This particular track on You Tube is an acoustic instrumental played on a 12 string guitar. It's awesome. If your Gob isn't well and truly smacked after this you're deaf. Go check it out. What are you waiting for? We're done talking to you:


Till next time - peace love unity and respect.

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