Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas Cards

This year we at Unity intend to send all our friends Christmas cards Psychically. So during the next couple of weeks we'll be thinking very hard of a Christmas card and psychically sending it to each and everyone of you via telepathy. We'll be doing it individually because we're not sure our powers are enough to do a one off global telepathic mail shot.
So if during the next few weeks you get a thought about Christmas and Christmas cards, well that will be us here in the Unity office sitting in a circle holding hands and sending you a Psychic Christmas card. It could be just a fleeting thought because as I say we're just beginners at this telepathy lark, but be sure to know it's us here in the Unity Office thats sending you the greetings. if you think of Christmas more than once it may be us trying again because we weren't confident we got through first time. Just treat the second thought as a missed call and ignore the rest of your christmas thoughts. Or rejoice in the knowledge that we care about you so much that we're making you think of Christmas a load of times.

This has been a public service information announcement on behalf of the Unity Team

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corneilius said...

Is this psychedelic spamming? Of a sustainable kind?

I hope you enjoy my annual christmas double aa sided FREE single - I can't stand shopping - Christ! What a mess this world is in!

I performed thse songs outside selfridges in 2000, on xmas eve, much to the consternation of the last minute panicked mostly male shoppers and the concierge!

Two great tunes, ones a four to the floor stomper, the other a ballad that links into Imagine by one J. Lennon......and a call for action.

You will find them on my website

click on da link! Hey you can even send it on to your friends......

And as you guys are generally incredibly happy, there's no need to wish you a happy anything, is there?

And thanks so much for the weekend I spent amongst you, you are all angels, delightful people ...... LOVE YOU!!!