Monday, November 20, 2006

Myspace of the day

Todays Myspace of the day comes from those Funky dudes down at the Buena Vista Social club. What they've done is get a load of your favourite artists and rerecorded their tracks with a cuban latin feel. Get a load of that brass section and marimbas baby.
Anyway artists that have been given the Buena Vista treatment are The Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Sting, Jack Johnson, Dido and Faithless, and Coldplay amongst others. I think you'll find they've used the original vocal track and then built around it.
Anyway have a listen it's a lot of fun. Off you go, quick as you like my lovelies

Unity myspace of the day has started to become very influential, I mean where would the likes of the Rolling Stones and Elvis be if it wasn't for Unitys myspace of the day? We are making and breaking bands here.

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