Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scorpio Party 4th November 2006

Photos & Words courtesy Day-glo Joe. Mike Da hat was in London.Saturday the action relocated to Lisboa for The Scorpio Party, one of the many Grassroots Zodiac events that are held every month to tide us all over
until June when we can all take to the fields again for next year's GrassRoots Festival. If anyone was in doubt that this weekend was a truly magical one on
terms of musical talent coming to peterborough, then Saturday night would have set them to rights. Lisboa was a picture of bohemian bliss, done up like a charming little Parisian jazz cafe, the artists and audience were instantly transported away from the icy-cold damp streets and into a mini festival. Corneilius, Sam and Sarah all played again, not the slightest bit tired after the events of the night before. They all performed brilliantly, and kudos to Sarah for doing so in spite of flu! The first of the bands was Wake, ( local boys who know how to rock. The quiet, candle-lit setting was briefly blasted with thunderous guitar explosions. People weren't quite expecting it at first, but it went down very well. Next band to entertain us was Flipron (, a brilliant bunch of eclectic individuals who brought some great folky eccentric pop to the proceedings. Playing everything from mandolin to accordian they were multi instrumental and full of fun and energy, not to mention very well dressed! Then as if we had not been spoiled enough over the past two days, a young man by the name of Joe Driscoll ( got up on the mic, and shared with us some of his inspiration. Hailing originally form New York and now residing in London, and blending hip-hop, reggae, funk, folk and american roots music into something completely new and unique, he had everyone up out of their seats within about one minute of getting on stage. He uses a loop pedal to build up multi-tracks of sound live before our eyes; a whole new kind of one man band. Layering his brilliant beatboxing with soulful bass guitar hooks and uplifting riffs and fluid backing vocals, he sang and rapped his conscious life affirming lyrics to an amazed audience. A true urban troubadour, he played three encores, including a crazy acapella drum and bass epic and a mind blowing track in which he
beatboxed through a mouth organ, which no one was expecting. When Joe finished his set Corneilius got on the decks as DJ Lockwood to keep the crowd dancing until close. Sadly Magic Lamp weren't able to play, but be sure to try and get to The
Synergy Project in London on the 24th where they will be doing their psychedelic techno madness.
All in all, the weekend saw some absolutely amazing talent come to city, and to all those of you who didn't make it out on saturday night, you don't know what you
missed! For those curious to see for themselves, Lukus filmed alot of the night and it should be making its way onto the internet very soon, not to mention all the artists who played are definitely up for playing in Peterborough again soon. A big
thankyou to all the artists who came to town and to all the people who came to listen. It was truly one of the best nights that Lisboa has ever had and the
atmosphere and quality of music all weekend was beautiful, exceptional, indescribable! Joe

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